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Flickr’s 1000 picture limit

I created my SL Flickr account in 2008, and when Flickr’s new 1000 photo limit came in semi-recently I had to delete a few pictures to squeeze under the limit.

Not much has changed since then as I haven’t been in SL much, and haven’t been taking a lot of photos. However, I’ve started taking photos again and want to upload them to Flickr so even more old photos need to go. So I took the brave decision to delete any photo older than 10 years old, no matter how many views, faves, and comments it had.

I now have 419 photos left. I guess I was pretty prolific in the first 2 years!

The photos aren’t gone forever, because they are backed up on a self-hosted gallery here on this domain. But all the faves, comments, and view counts are now lost… like tears in rain.


Backup, including old photos:

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